About Daniel

My approach to speech language pathology is simple: build an authentic relationship with the person, understand what motivates them, use their strengths to realise their goals, and always have fun along the way.

About Daniel

Daniel took the long way around to becoming a Speech-language Pathologist, first exploring other topics of interest at University, before travelling abroad to live and study overseas. Always one to trust the universe and his intuition around the opportunities presented to him, it was a chance encounter with a Speech Pathologist when a family member fell ill which stirred Daniel’s curiosity with the career path. He applied for a post graduate Masters degree and—after two dense years of study—out popped a ready-made ‘Speechie’ to begin the next steps in his professional life.

Daniel has worked most of his career in a public education setting, supporting children, students, and families with speech, language, and literacy disorders. His thirst for learning and new experiences brought him to the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the north-western corner of South Australia where he provided support for Aboriginal students and families with communication and literacy difficulties. He has experience working with high-school-aged students with Developmental Language Disorders and Dyslexia. His professional passions and areas of interest include speech sound disorders, trauma, dyslexia, and play-based, family-centred therapy approaches.

When Daniel is not working, you can find him playing a guitar, riding a bike in the hills, or trying to learn how to handstand on a yoga mat. He is looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you, your child, and your family reach their goals really soon.

Speech Pathology Australia Certified Practising Speech Pathologist